Old Town Yoga

Blues and Swing is Ft Collins premiere social dance! Old Town Yoga is an amazing venue that boasts beautiful wood floors, plenty of room to dance, two separate rooms of music (one for blues, and one for swing, of course) and a clean, comfortable, friendly atmosphere that you just won't find anywhere else.

We have a no outside shoe policy. If you wore your shoes to the venue, you will be asked to remove them at the door. Please bring dance shoes, comfy socks, or bare feet to dance in!

Blues and Swing offers an hour long dance lesson every week (often no experience is necessary, check lesson info below.) The lesson is different each week, focusing on different aspects of one style of dance, or offering instruction in different styles including blues, lindy hop, and balboa.

If you haven't been to this dance yet, come see what it's all about!

Location : 237 Jefferson, Fort Collins
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